5 Tips for Entrepreneurs Creating an Information Product

One of the most popular ways for entrepreneurs to make money today is by creating an information product. If you have an interest in doing this yourself, then there is a tried and true method that will help you achieve success.

  • Identify a Need

One of the problems most new entrepreneurs face is creating a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. You need to identify a need that people already have. Once you have found it, though, you still aren’t ready to create the product.

  • Perform Market Research

Now that you have identified a need, you want to take the time to research the market opportunities. You are specifically looking for publications, web forums, radio stations, and other media sources that tie these individuals together. For instance, if you have identified the need to create a product on raising Tiger Oscars, you would want to find web forums, Facebook groups, and pet conventions where you could advertise your product.

  • Review the Competition

Sometimes there won’t be any other products in the niche you have identified. If so, you might be creating an information product that doesn’t actually have a market. You may want to go back to step one and start over if you can’t find competitive products to review.

It’s a good idea to purchase these products and study them thoroughly. Find out just what the creator of that product did. Then, take a look at what other people are saying about it on the web. Did they find it helpful? Did they find it horrendous? List everything they liked about it and everything they didn’t.

Once you have this list, you are ready to start creating your product.

  • Create the Product

When you create a resource to sell you can do it a number of ways. The least expensive is a simple digital book. You can create this yourself for no cost or outsource the work (through sites like Elance, Freelancer, or oDesk) very inexpensively.

You should be sure to create a product that provides the information the market wants and nothing more. Going back to our example on Tiger Oscars, you want to provide information only on raising that fish. Avoid other species entirely.

Being focused like this doesn’t mean you should skip the basics of the topic. You would want to focus on setting up a tank, what equipment is necessary, and anything else a beginner would want to know. You should assume that the reader will have no experience with this subject at all, but that he or she is only interested in this one, specific thing.

  • Use the Sources Found in Step 2 to Sell Your Product and Create Your Own Media Outlets

Once you have created the product, you want to start contacting all of the media outlets you identified in the second step. Once your product starts selling, you should do everything you can to keep in touch with your prospects through an email newsletter, mailing list, web forum, or blog.

You want to do this so that you have multiple opportunities to expose them to your information product, as well as having a source to sell new products to in the future. This gets rather advanced, but there are some readymade solutions that can help you accomplish this.

How Can You Sell the Product?

The best way to sell your information product is through services like ClickBank. There are dozens of them out there, and you should do your research to find the one that works best for you. These companies charge a small fee to place your product in their catalog. They then serve as the payment processor for individuals looking to purchase your product.

When a client buys your product, the payment is made to the marketplace. The funds are then transferred to you. The marketplace provider also processes any refunds and helps with arbitration between the buyer and the seller. They charge a small fee for each sale.

The beauty of these systems is that others can then sell your product as affiliates, helping you make money from sales you never even expected. It is a quick way to creating an informational product that brings in big money in no time at all.

Selling Information Products Online Made Simple And Easy

Are you someone who would love to make a nice income with information products? If so, then I know how you feel. Information products are easy to create, easy to sell, and can give you truly vast amounts of profits that you never thought was possible. If you’re currently selling products online that require a lot of inventory and management, maybe you should take a look at selling these kinds of products.

There are many reasons why you should consider selling info products. For one, you have unlimited inventory. Info products consist of: books, eBooks, paper and ink manuals, CD’s, DVD’s, membership sites, newsletters, seminars, webinars… or just any kind of product that offers nothing but pure information.

The most common form of information products that you will find online are eBooks. eBooks are “electronic books” that can be immediately downloaded after someone makes a sale from you. This comes with unlimited inventory, you can charge a lot for it, you can earn great profits, and you can make sales around the clock on autopilot. Just imagine waking up with sales in your email inbox – and you not having to do anything to ship out the product to your customer.

These are just a few reasons people online love selling info products. But it isn’t a cake walk. The path to success with selling info products is a good niche. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, how many testimonials you have, how much advertising you throw to your site, or etc. Without a good, low competition niche – it’s going to be tough to make money online with these forms of products.

Along with having a good niche, make sure your information product is full of quality. People want to buy and keep products that they feel are helpful and good. If your product is of low quality, and you charge $30 for it, you will more than likely get a refund from your product.

It’s easy to create a 100-page eBook. I’m not insinuating that “bulk” equals quality, but usually you will find that the more pages that there are in your eBook, the more information you can share, and the more value that your reader will get from it. This is marketing 101.

Make sure you have a good sales page for your information product also. If you want to make your product sell, you have to share all the reasons why someone should buy your product, and you have to share all the features and benefits of why someone should buy your product from you.

If you don’t know how to create a good sales letter page, hire a copywriter. There are many copywriters online who will create a good sales page for you, all for a small amount of money. Typically these copywriters will charge a few hundred dollars – instead of the big time copywriters who charge thousands.

Take these info product tips and use them in your online business today.

Good luck with selling information products online.

The Primary Characteristic of the Best Information Products

Here’s a remarkable statement: There is a dearth of quality information products on how to create information products. I did a search a moment ago on the exact phrase, “how to create a quality information product,” and there wasn’t a single result. That tells me that few people know how to do it. In this article, I’m going to share with you how to get started.

I’ve read a lot of material and listened to a number gurus talk about how to create information products and, with the rarest of exceptions, nearly all of them have talked around the subject, but not about it. And I can only imagine that this is because they themselves don’t know how to do it.

Of the few that do seem to know what they’re doing, there is characteristic that is the best information products all have, and that is that they are evergreen.

What does it mean to have an evergreen product? Well, think about trees. What is the one thing that makes an evergreen what it is? Obviously, it’s that it’s always, barring a drought, green.

And the same thing is true of evergreen products. They always are and remain relevant. And for some reason, the majority of people struggle to create products that are.

You’ll see all manner of products that are designed to solve an immediate problem – one that may only be with us for a few months.

For example, search engine optimization. I’ve lost track of the number of products that are designed to do this. But the truth is that Google, the number one search engine, changes the way it determines which sites ought to be at the top of the returns on a regular basis. By the time you’ve implemented one “trick” technique, the ground rules have changed, and the product is out of date.

The problem seems to be that those who want to create products have become fixated on what’s already been done. Instead of thinking of something new or a new way of doing something that’s evergreen, they adopt a “get rich quick” approach and look for a way to make something that will sell.

If you want to create products that will continue to sell over weeks, months, or even years, then you must take the time that’s necessary to think about how this could be achieved.

What would your evergreen product look like?

Master These 5 Steps To Launch a Best Selling Information Product

In order to create a bestselling information product you must be able to master these 5 areas.

1 – Focus on your targeted audience.

Where does your target market congregate? Is there an online or offline club where they meet? Do they discuss things at forums? Where does your target market usually buy your type of product? By entering your potential customer’s minds you can engage on their level. Understanding how your product benefits them will greatly determine how you market. You must be able to follow them to wherever they are situated. Whether that be at a local business meeting or a seminar or a coffee club. It is essential to have the types of promotion that will enable you to encounter a group of likeminded people. Usually the best information products solve a need or a problem.

2 – Understand your competition and your unique selling point.

It is vital to carry out research into your competition. This will give you an idea of how they market and what mediums they use. It can vary from simple brochures and flyers to classified ads and radio jingles. Look at their products and list down their pros and cons. Try to find out what they are having missed or have undervalued. You need to build a product that will provide more value. Are they slack when it comes to customer service? Do they offer guarantees? Can the product be made from better materials? Whether your product is digital or is physical you can look at a competitor and pick apart what they have overlooked. It can be something rather simple and small or could be completely new concepts which can make your product stand out. Take a good look at the successes and failures of competitors as this will give you an idea on your USP. Your unique selling point and you will need this to become a best seller.

3 – Learn to develop a Marketing plan.

From the word “go” it is best to plan every detail and eventuality. Ensure you have a stable plan for growth and driving traffic to your site. Don’t put all your eggs one strategy; I usually have at least 4 for making sure my product is seen. This will only stand you in good stead and provide you with a clear pathway and goal. It is also good for providing information on how much you have achieved to date. Breaking it into smaller bites can be helpful and less stressful. Keep up with your plans and remember to track your results. Analysing the results and tweaking your plan for the next time is all part of the process. There will always be things that will crop up but a plan will help you stay on track.

4 – Affiliates or Sales force.

Instead of going it alone try and incorporate a sales force of some kind. There are many companies that will gladly advertise your information product for a fee. The most common examples are Google and Facebook Pay-Per-Click and the common and more expensive is outsourcing someone from Elance to drive sales. The easier option is to use an affiliate program, either your own program or use an affiliate network like ClickBank. This can lead to huge product launches and can be responsible for a six figure income or more depending on your product. Don’t overlook the simplicity of an affiliate network. The more people who will market on your behalf is tremendous.

5 – Rollout your product launch

Do the works. Either hire a PR Firm or do it yourself. Send as many press releases through the internet and grab opportunities in local newspapers and magazines. You should try and hit your target market as soon as possible so make those cold calls and drum up some old fashioned business. This will get your business off to a great start and produce a lot of interest from potential customers. These tips will ensure you have a solid plan to execute a product launch of a bestselling information product.