How to Create An Information Product That Sells – 5 Steps to Successful Creation

You may have already been told that you need your own information products, but haven’t been given the steps you need to follow in order to make this theory turn into your reality. If you haven’t already made your own product, then you’re either new to the business of internet marketing or something perceived as an obstacle has stopped you from doing so until now. In this article I am going to guide you through the steps you can take to create your first information product which you can sell.

5 Step Formula For Product Creation.

1) Before you can actually begin creating the product, you need to know what it’s going to be all about and what it is going to teach your target audience. This is where you will draw upon your current experience to date and brainstorm ideas based on what you already have knowledge of. Have you already got a website in the niche you want to create your product? If your answer to that question is yes, then pick a topic that your audience would like to learn more about, which naturally ties in with your website. If you can’t think of anything, then have a good think about what you know more about than your peers and times when people have asked for your advice in an area you have above average knowledge of.

2) Thing big but start small. Although that statement sounds like a contradiction, it’s important to learn how to walk before you begin to run a marathon. Dip your toe into the information product business by focusing on creating a small product that is quality but also not too ambitious in terms of price. Essentially you would be well advised to create a low-ticket item which will not only sell, but also build your confidence for the next product you will create in the future.

3) By this stage you will know what information you will be providing to prospective customers. At this point you need to decide the best way to share that knowledge. For instance, would the information be best taught in written form or would it be more appropriate to release it as an audio product. If the information is best conveyed visually, you could even release it as a video-based product or on CD to be sold in physical format. Not only will this depend on the topic covered and your audience, but also upon your own skills and how they are best utilized. For instance, if you are a natural writer, then providing the information in an eBook would obviously be an attractive option.

4) Now you know what you will be teaching and the format in which the information product is going to be delivered. The next step is to create an outline for the material in a logical way which is easy to follow. Write down all the topics you are going to be covering in your product and what is going to be contained in each of these in terms of subtopics. By the end of this process, you will have a primary list of topics and subtopics below each topic covered.

5) At this point you have an outline and you know all the main topics as well as the subtopics for your product. Now you need to get started creating content for your product. If you are writing an ebook, take this one step at a time by tackling each topic one at a time and writing about each sub-topic as per your outline. If you are creating an audio, cover the information in a natural fashion as oppose to reading the information as it is written down. You want to create a conversational and succinct delivery style as oppose to a detached and mechanical one.

It can be quite scary creating your first product, but don’t let this voyage into the unknown become a theoretical exercise. Take action and get started by committing to following each of these steps until you have a finished product. I promise you that if you create your first information product, you will be doing something extraordinary online that most people do not ever either get around to doing or have the focus to seeing through to fruition. I challenge you to be extraordinary.

Information Products and E-Books: How to Find the Right One for You

If you’ve been using the internet for more than, lets say, six months, you probably know what an information product is. Actually chances are good that you’ve even used one. Maybe you just didn’t know it was called an “information product.” So what is an information product?

As the name implies, it’s a product that provides you with information. They are usually instant downloadable, so you never (or rarely) have to wait for delivery of your purchase. These days they are most often electronic books that can easily be read in many ways. Sometimes though, they also come with DVDs or CDs. So an information product is a package of information or a system. And it usually is focused on helping you achieve something or learning a new skill.

But the issues now is how to find the good ones, and avoid the bad ones. The internet has exploded in the past ten years, and information products are, possibly leading this explosion. Want to know how to wash your car in 5 minutes instead of 30? there’s a product for that. Want to know how to knit pink pajamas for your daughters pet rabbit? Sure there’s a product for that. And of course there’s the ever ubiquitous titles like “how I made a million watching TV while surfing the internet during commercial breaks.”

You get the point. There is a lot of “static” in this information product program. So how do you find one that is going to work for you? Or better yet, how do you find one that meets the needs of your immediate problem or concern?

Well one option is going to a website that specializes in hosting these products. There are quite a few and they’re easy to find, so no need to mention names. You can go to these sites, and browse the categories, and then maybe research reviews, and then check with the Better Business Bureau. Oh and don’t forget the rankings from a customer service standpoint, and a best selling standpoint. And we haven’t even got to price yet.

Or you could just use Google. On Google you may be able to find a lot of pages that match the search you put in. So if you put in “solid silver kickstand for my sons bicycle”, you may get a lot of pages, but how many of those will yield a good product you can download instantly?

As you might have guess, there is a solution. There are a few companies now competing to be the Google of information products. They have created a search engine that will allow you to save a lot of the time and research involved in fighting an information product that will fit your situation.

And I mean any situation. Well almost any situation. If you do find a way to get a silver kickstand, pink pajamas for my daughter’s rabbit or any other unique unusual product, please feel free to drop me a line.

Marketing and Promoting Online Information Products for Huge Profits

A product that is created from scratch, this being a physical item, or a software program, or a simple e-book is definitely not the simplest path to earning income online. You can do a lot better by marketing or promoting online information products allowing you very often, to improve their promotional marketing to make big profits on the Internet.

You can simply promote existing information products, modifying the marketing to suit your customers’ needs. There are also, lots of online information products available, that you can affiliate for their owners who, very often, help you to promote and market them. For these, you do not need anything else as regards marketing, because they provide you with all the tools necessary for their efficient promotion.

In return, you get commissions for the actions that your customers perform. These being simple opt-ins, postal codes, telephone numbers and addresses, or purchases of course, for which you can get up to 75% commissions or sometimes even 100% commissions! Get a few promotions going and with good conversions, your earnings quickly increment to a very good monthly figure.

The whole process of creating products is a complex one when you do them yourself and when you pass this work to others, it can also be a nerve racking process, since you need to first of all know what the whole system is about and then to pass on your instructions correctly to the people you employ to get it done. There will be fear for unfinished work, you have to give deadline schedules, have constant watch in what they are doing and how they are achieving what you want.

All that is definitely a lot of work, much harder than using what is known as outsourcing, by which you can get things done a lot quicker and quite cheaply too. Just type in any of the mayor search engines: “outsourcing” or better “10 best outsourcing websites” and you will be provided with what you want. There are so many you can use, Elance, Virtual employee, Fivver, oDesk and so on.

Fine tuning your marketing, that is, aligning your prospects with the products they are after, so that their needs or problems get solved, is the best way to maximise your earning potential. This is what at first you can concentrate on. Later on, when your marketing is bringing you good revenue, you may consider going into making your own information products.

This need not be an intimidating task. You can simply put together 3 or 4 articles about a subject that you know there is sufficient demand, and that you may have written already, and bang them together into an e-book explaining what it can do and how it solves any particular problem your customers in that niche have… and there you have your first information product.

If you go into information products of your own, your revenue will increase considerably. You then go into getting full profits for yourself, in addition to the commissions you earn from selling other peoples’ material. Even when you get proficient at making information programs, you will want to continue marketing and promoting existing work that is relevant to your niche, and to your customer’s needs of course.

But how do you actually make information products yourself? Well, this could go into a long article and so the simplified method is to start with finding out exactly what bothers your customers. Get to know their fears, frustrations, desires, needs and wants and then concentrate on the “most important need”, and fine tune your solution to solve that need.

Resolve that need into actionable steps that your customers can follow to solve their problems, or reach their goals. Show them how to apply your method to solve that need, whatever it may be. Aim to connect every part of your solution, to your customers’ needs so that the prospect feels helped and finds his problem solved. This way, you achieve total alignment between the outline of your product and the outline of your customer’s needs.

There are many steps needed for making information products of course, but out of all these, if you concentrate in that specific alignment mentioned before, your ideas will be concentrated in that solution, which is the required outcome: to make your customers happy. And when this happens, your business online will be producing greater results and higher profits.

German Calvo

Information Products Will Not Sell Without These Two Things

Make sure your info products are not missing these two things if you want them to sell.

Marketing and selling information products on the internet is one heckuva way to make some serious money on the internet.

When you think of the amount of people that use the internet on a daily basis that are searching for information on all kinds of stuff, the income potential is literally staggering.

O.k. before we go to far into dream mode I think it’s only appropriate that we look at the reality of what exactly makes an information product sell or not.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what looks like and is most often presented as an easy way to make quick cash on the internet but…

If you’ve chosen to create your own products to cash in on that massive crowd of searchers that are looking for information, than you have to make sure that your info products contain two very important ingredients so that it will work.

One of the fastest ways to failure with information products is creating something that doesn’t solve a problem and I’m talking about a real ‘pressing’ problem.

There are two things that can kill your chances of successfully selling info products and they are…

1. Not knowing what problems people in your market are desperately trying to solve.

2. Creating a product in a desperate market that does not help to solve the problem.

The first situation happens quite often in the IM niche because it’s easy to assume that just because the niche is overflowing with passionate buyers all you have to do is dangle something in front of them and they’ll buy it.

But like anything else, there are trends that come and go and if you don’t keep abreast of what’s going on in the market you might try selling a product based on something people may not be very interested in at the time.

Additionally without knowing what problems people are trying to solve makes it very difficult to know how to effectively position your product to get the best reception in the marketplace.

Find out what problems people are having and make sure your product addresses those problems.

The second situation also happens often in the IM niche because marketers who try to jump in on the backend of a trend, tend to neglect changes within the market they are trying to capture.

Take Facebook for example.

When the Facebook trend began every marketer and their brother started creating Facebook marketing secrets type of products around facebooks former fbml coding language.

Those who got in early made some nice profits from a crowd that desperately wanted to know how to create pages so they could take advantage of that social traffic giant.

Contrast that with the marketers who got in on the tail end of that trend who tried to sell similar products without realizing that Facebook had change their coding to iframe format.

Not only did master resell rights salesletters and others who chose to create ‘me too’ products that didn’t recognize this new change, kill sales; but it set those marketers up for refunds as customers who did buy those products were not able to use them fully.

Make sure your product is up to date so that your customers can use them and get the best results.

The second thing to make sure you product is not missing is this…

It has to be action-oriented.

I can’t tell you how many products I’ve purchased over the years that were so full of fluff and theory that by the time I got through them, I still had no clue what to do.

Maybe you’ve had that experience too.

So the best way to keep your customers from having the same experience is to make sure that the essential information you present, is boiled down to a simple step-by-step format that makes it almost impossible for your customer not to take action on.

The faster your customers can start using the information you present, the faster they will start to see results and the faster your income will grow.

So just to recap…

Make sure your product is up to date and solves a genuine problem and make sure you boil it down into a set of fast action steps that your customers can start using right away to get the benefits they want.

Your products will be so good, they’ll almost market themselves.